Enforcement! Fan Made Live Short Movie Depicified “Witcher”

Public population VIVA LA DIRT LEAGUE, which works on comedy pictures about the game, publishes “ Overloading with Quests in the Witcher ” bottom.

Gerart, which arrived in a new village, is not horseshoe and the bulletin board. And he received a quest from the end of the hand of his request form one after another. Dandilion, which was passed through a large number of requests, is a hospital that is a horrible face……

However, like this geralt, there are many players who receive all quests for the time being. In addition, it may be said that there is a neta that is also in other open world games, not limited to “Witcher”.

The Witcher - The Last Wish Audiobook with Ambient Video - Book One

Viva La Dirt League has other “Escape From Tarkov”, “FPS campaign,” “A good person play with Red Dead Redemption 2”, “Dark Souls Beginner”, and many people can sympathize. I’m releasing a neta picture, so please check it.

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