Mass Effect: It could look great in Unreal Engine 5!

On May 14, 2021, newcomers and long-standing mass effect fans were allowed to experience a new version of the sci-fi trilogy around Commander Shepard: the Mass Effect Legendary Edition missed the playing games in the years a new painting and also extended them all the way Gameplay customization (especially part 1). However, despite a pretty painting: Under the bonnet continues to work in the Legendary Edition, the Unreal Engine 3, which of course has its technical limits. But how could Mass Effect look like, if you would put on the freshly published Unreal Engine 5 and your technical innovations? This has proven a diligent fan in a video by rebuilding a portion of the iconic space station Omega from Part 2 and 3.

Omega from Mass Effect with Unreal Engine 5

The Youtuber named Torres had previously rebuilt Dragon Age 3 in Unreal Engine 5, now is Mass Effect. Thanks to the new advantages like the Nanite technique, he multiplies objects in the Level environment without much effort. And especially beautifully staged is the whole thing as the Unreal Engine 5 sets on global lighting by “lumens”:

THIS Is What Mass Effect 4 COULD Look like in Unreal Engine 5
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Mass Effect 5 will set on unreal

That the next part is actually putting on the Unreal Engine is already certain. Why that’s great, we will gladly reveal you in an extra article! Thus, the game series returns to their technical roots – Part 4 named Mass Effect: Andromeda as Dragon Age: Inquisition on the frostbyte engine. Incidentally, much is not yet known to the next part of Mass Effect, but it apparently will not be a sequel to Andromeda, and brings back some developer veterans of the studio.
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