Aiming for fairness that does not depend on line conditions-Riat comments on “play consistency” of “VALORANT”

Liat Games has published the survey content about the consistency of gameplay of “ Valorant “.

The Japanese national team “Zeta Division” is an international tournament “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1-Masters Reykjavik”, and it is a main work that is an excitement in the competition scene, such as a competition scene, but it is a series of gameplays deeply related to such competitions The current situation of survey on sex is clarified.

In this case, this is a survey on the fact that gameplay sensation is different for each game or feels superior to high ping players. Specifically, the following reports were received.

  1. “Even if your network condition is stable, it feels that the degree of delay is different for each match”

  2. “The speed that other players can handle himself can be quick and slow for each match”

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  1. “I feel very consistent in the play of your Valorant. Depending on the game, if you are deciding on the head shot, the same thing happens to yourself”

  1. “High ping player feels unfair superiority when peaking compared to low ping players”

These events are assumed to be classified as “player personal performance” and “fairness of competitions”, and excluding sensations of performance when the player is in a super-central state and And to investigate and improve fairness.

Specific surveys are also introduced, and it is said that it is “latency” that is working on focusing. As a “latency” variation factor that can not be caught in an existing measurement, network buffering, which is a delay introduced to hide consistency, and a network jitter that is a variation of packet arrival time. A small improvement in this point is possible, and the in-progress survey is also scheduled to be reported again in the second half of 2022.

The second survey content is that “accuracy” that indicates the impact of network status and player performance by client server processing is good and satisfied.

Finally, the opinion of disadvantageous to the high ping player is considerably receiving a fairly seriously, but now focused on the above two fields, and “If the audit of the core system is finished, it is for high ping player “I am planning to investigate whether the player feels like this.

“Valorant” is distributed for free for Windows.

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