What is the “next one hand” of the DFM Ceros coach? Aiming for carrier turning from “LOL” proplayer [Interview and first part]

February 6, 2022, Proguming Team “League of Legend” “League of Legend” Category Ceros is from “LJL2022 Spring” as a player I announced that I quit registration. In the video published together, Ceros revealed to work as the “coaching staff” of the team, while looking back on the events at DFM for 9 years.

GAME * SPARK interviewed Ceros, who has taken a new one-step involved in the DFM-to-SPORTS community, and E-SPORTS community. He talked about how to move as a “coach” different from “player” and the current “LOL” professional screen.

# Ceros ‘Coaching’, which takes a new one step, and the current “LOL” professional screen

There is a place where there is a place to be transmitted compared to the players. Please tell me about coach activities again.

DFM Ceros coach (hereinafter referred to as Ceros) : In terms of importance, it does not change much with the players. If you look at the entire team, the strength of the players is also important, but due to the change of the coach, the results will be good and bad. Very important position.

From the name “coach”, I think that there are many people who have the image of “teaching various things to players”. If that recognition is a bit wrong, if you can see it with chess and shogi, the player will be “player” in the “piece”. In the head coach, it is a head coach that makes a team using a player called athletes, and I play a role to assist it.

When I was active as a player, was the coach changed and the direction of tactics and teams has changed significantly?

Ceros : For Yang coaches and Kazu coaches, the team’s direction was discussed every time the coach standing on the stage was changed, so there was no significant change. There was a difference before that. It was different from the coach, and if the coach changes, the practice policy and the reference behavior and direction have changed.

ー ー ー Ceros What is the mind of the coach?

Ceros : I think the most important thing… It is difficult to make words, but “ Whether you had the right choice as a team “. There are various factors to win with “LOL”. In addition to the strength of each player, there are many things that you have to think about the part of the macro (tactics) that work as a team. Among them, the most important and difficult thing is “ Correct choice for the match” .

In the extreme argument, you can win the game if you do not make a mistake, we value one option throughout the team and answer and say that you can share it properly.

ー ー ー Do you mean that you are looking at whether you were able to make a right choice but also not only the outcome of the match.

CEROS : Feedback is also a victory game. LJL (League of Legends Japan League) Regular Season is relatively won. Even if the result is good, if you fail to feedback, you’re thinking that growth efficiency will be worse, so you are watching the contents of the entire game.

When did you start thinking about the turn to-coach? Also, was there a chance to decide the coach transfer?

Ceros : “When” I did not think so much. First of all, I felt that the “motivation as a player” was deteriorated, and the choice of retirement came out. When I thought about what to do with the player retired, I chose that the position of the coach would be the most contributing to win the DETONATION FOCUSME.

Did other plans and carriers were thinking other than coaches?

Ceros : Now, I think that if I did not go to OpenRec and YouTube while doing a coach, I think that if I was not a coach, I think I had a movie post and streaming. Otherwise, I think that the so-called streamer and youtuber are the most realistic option.

ー 2022 The competition scene of 2022 has begun, but was there any point such as viewpoints and concepts compared to when you were coaching in the previous season?

Ceros : Since I was doing feedback for coaching and team for ARIA from last year, it does not change much from 2021 if honestly. It is a sense of extension of last year.

-What feedback does Ceros coach do specifically go?

Ceros : I’m doing various things, but the main is a team-by-team macro feedback. We talk about the movement of the top team of overseas and the movement of DFM and say “It is better to move according to this standard?” If it is the season, the team “T1” of the LCK (one part of the Korean area) “T1” has won, and carefully watching it carefully.

-Is there a league that is particularly referring to overseas regions?

Ceros : After all LCK and LPL (1 part of the Chinese region), LEC (one part league of European region), etc. are high, so there are many parts that you want to help. Basically, the majority of coaching work is to study and study overseas games. In my case, I looked at LCK and LPL mainly, and KAZU coaches and GISMO are overall including LEC and LCS. It is often referring to the choice of champions and parts of the macro.

A player did the perspective change when you watch the game of overseas league as a player and watching the game as a coach?

Ceros : There are a lot of changes. My role was mid, so I focused on what kind of movement was what the lane was matched. Because the coach must look and see the movement of all lanes, in that sense, as the player’s age and coach, the game is completely different.

What is the difference between the coaching of Yaharong players and ARIA players conducted by Ceros coach? **

Ceros : Yaharong players are not easy to handle…… LCK players, but I felt that I was able to do the basis. ARIA players were players who pushed fly to the front and played, but Yaharong players are smartly watching the entire team, and it is a type of player who always works and moves what you should do now.

ー The meta has changed significantly with Play-in and Group Stage in last year’s Worlds, but what impressions do you remain as a coach at that time?

Ceros : Honestly speaking, I could not respond. Yumi Support was a pick that came out in the production suddenly, and it was not a scrim until then. Suddenly, it was suddenly issued, and there was almost no time to practice, and I was pressed while there was no time to practice. There was no practice to counter Yumi and the practice of using Yumi, so we discussed in various teams in that state. As I could not respond… I talked about it.

ー Do you still have measures against meta and pocket picks?

Ceros : In the case of LJL, it is easy to expect because we know the other player’s player some extent. As a preliminary preparation, “This champion pool is like this feeling…”, so there is no surprise for now. If you have a surprising pick in production… Kazu coach and players have nothing to do (laughs).

There was a remark that “I want to increase exchange with fans” in the retirement video, but is there any goal to work and how do you want to work in the future?

Ceros : Up to now, I was pouring my best to practice as a player. In order to increase exchanges with fans, it is a big step to start video posting to YouTube. Now it is not yet adapted to a new life cycle, so it is difficult to secure time, but I would like to increase streaming activities. After that, when he participated in LJL as a player, I could not appear in the event in the season, but I think it would be a slight margin now, so I want to go out to events I think it is.

ー ー ー 思い 思い 思い 思い 思い 今 今 今 今 今 今 今. Looking at the globally, many champions have been adopted in mid-lane, but how do you think about the current mid?

Ceros : I think it’s a difficult season for Mid’s player, but it is a difficult season. It is quite rare and new champions are excavated more and more. Enhanced Auri also became a meta, and I was also seen Baygar. Especially for a few weeks, I feel that it is difficult because the transition of the meta is intense and there is no cheating champion.

ー Ceros coach commentary I am looking at videos and patch notes videos, etc., but is there a champion that is personal attention personally?

Ceros : There is an impression that T1’s Faker player and IG Rookie players are not met, so they are looking at whether they are picked and picked. Personally, I think that “Sion MID” is not zero as possible. I just can’t say anything. This season is especially because there are no metata or a part where the flow is early.

ー ー j j j LJL Do you have an impression and a total review of the game from the coach after the game and the game?

Ceros : The most threat is about Sengoku Gaming Impression. I feel carefully because I feel the most likely to see the LJL game and it seems to be the highest overall power.

-Do you have any players who are paying attention?

Ceros : Is it Flawless players when viewed on a private unit. Flawless players belong to LCK and have an impression that Carrie (leading the game to victory), and I feel that I’m going to threaten because I’m playing a game even in LJL.

ー ー ー どう い 感 感 Do you feel a threat to the opponent with a sense or feeling?

Ceros : Whether you’re looking at the game and think “good!” Especially if it is a jungler, it is a position that is a visible position of “this player is moving in such an idea”. It will be the point to see the criteria for the action.

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So, looking at the movement of the champion somehow, I understand that “this person is doing such a call at this time.” Among them, it was Flawless player who seemed to be more likely to cause action to win the game.

DFM at the time point is full win (interview 8 wins 0 losses), but before the season was started for this result? Were you expected to struggle?

Ceros : Of course there was confidence to win, but there were two members, so I did not know until I opened the lid… Since I was not sure… I was confident and anxiety. Nevertheless, I thought that I could see it with confidence when I look at the performance of LJL DAY 1 and DAY 2.

“LOL” is a very mental condition that significantly affects performance, so scrim’s performance is not limited to the performance of production. There was concern about whether this year’s member is weak in production. I thought that I thought that the area was all right at all, so I can see the game with confidence.

In the other day of interviews posted, focus on the side of Ceros as “gamer”. We will deliver an interview for future goals, how Ceros will be the “LOL” and the “Emperor” named “emperor”, even more as a probe layer!

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