League of Legends, Zeri: After the nerves, finally a buff? Focus on a character too strong by design

Today, we propose you to take a point on a very challenged champion of League of Legends: Let’s talk a little about Zeri, and the nerves she has been undergoing some patches… and her hotfix announced very recently, who changes Not bad the deal.


Ah, Zeri. Some like playing, others hate face. No doubt one of the most polarizing champions of League of Legends. Riot Games, however, is still rather responsive about the changes (except for some slope on the invoker’s fault…), and chained the changes on it. Let’s see together how Zeri has changed as patches, and do not forget to get your lol awards on premium gaming.

Zeri: a character far too strong? Summarize his nerves

Zeri is a character of League of Legends released on January 20, 2022. And upon his arrival, many people began to complain about his strength. And we must recognize that Zeri may be a little too well. Zeri is an ad carry (which is usually played down Map), and which is pretty original. Its it allows it to transform its basic attacks, obliging it to aim. On the other hand, if you let it “passive”, it will take care to launch 7 projectiles that inflict physical damage. She also has a Dash and a speed boost linked to her r, which makes her very mobile… to the chagrin of her opponents.

A first nerve for it will take place 6 days after its release, January 26th. It will modify the application of the magic damage bonus of its Eruption : after the latter, the lightning chain of its reinforced burst will only be triggered only once by attack, and not More as an impact effect (ie more to every projectile of the Runaan hurricane).

On version 12.3, Zeri will have the right to other nerves, and not least . Zeri was far too strong with the Build Force of the Trinity , which has skyrocked its rate of victory * As soon as the players ceased to privilege critical blows. It will lose speed of travel, damage on its basic attack and on its electric erudment **… but will still gain the possibility of having critical damage on its flash chain.

And never 2 without 3, Zeri will still take price on the next patch, 12.4. Basic damage and power ratio of unloaded basic attacks have been reduced; The amplification of damage against low-PV enemies has been increased. The percentage of slowing downstanding attacks has been reduced at the beginning of the game and increased at the end of the party; The duration has been reduced. The basic damage of A has been reduced, but are now multiplied in case of critical blow; The conversion ratio of the attack attack speed surplus was increased. The slowdown of the Z was reduced at the beginning of the game; The recovery time has been increased at the beginning of the game, but it is now decreasing with the rank. The recovery time of E has been increased. The bonus attack speed of the R no longer increases with rank.

NEW HOTFIX: Zeri Buffs | League of Legends
And in addition to that, a hotfix will be applied at the end of March on the 12.4 to lower the attack damage and basic armor, but also its armor gain at each level… health, will be slightly improved at each level.

the last patch… and a hotfix!

As you have seen, it’s not the party for Zeri, even though most nerves are deserved. And the last patch on the date will not really arrange things for the latter. It is also perhaps the first patch that will really make him “bad”.

In this one, the basic attack damage, the stack of attack damage and armor have been reduced; The growth stat in PV has been increased. A: The basic damage has been reduced, the ratio of attack damage has been increased; now applies impact effects once by launching the skill; Now grants up to 1 effect for R and 1 reduction of the e-launch recovery time, but critical shots can grant the double. Z: The basic damage has been reduced, the attack and power damage ratios have been increased. E: The recovery time has been increased at the beginning of the game and it is reduced to the rank again. A: The recovery time has been increased at the beginning of the game and reduced at the end.

One wonders if Riot Games does not regret for creating Zeri. Its scaling coupled with its speed mechanics look very difficult to balance. However, a hotfix arrives for buffer a little Zeri, who after August , a member of the League of Legends League Development team, will be set up because they may have been a little strong with the nerves of the previous patch.

Zeri will therefore win 30 HP, the stacks and the refresh of the R and the e via its Q will move from 2 to 3, the duration of the slowdown of the z will increase from 1.2 to 2 seconds, and the ratio of 1.2 to 1.4.
Finally, its e will pass 28 -> 22 seconds of recharge time at 26-20 seconds.
Will she still be played so much on the pro stage?
Even though, it’s a habit now, so we expect Zeri to see the next patch of League of Legends!
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