How to get a call in Road to The Show in MLB: The Show 22

MLB: The Show 22 Returns the mode of Road to the Show, where you will control the ascent of your player to the highest league. When you first start Road To The Show, you will be taken to the Double-A command to hone your skills.

Your player rating must be higher than the team player at your position so that you are called in Road to the Show. If you are in the Double-A command, and the player on your position in the Triple-A team has a rating of 70, you will be called shortly after you pass this rating.

You can be called to the highest league, but to raise a general rating to such a level, a certain effort will be required. To quickly raise your overall level, first play at lower difficulties and make sure you effectively exhibit, beat or serve the ball. Get a challenge as a bilateral player or pitcher is much easier than as a position player.

You can check all the ratings of the players’ positions in organizing your team, by going to the “My Team” section in the “Road to Show” menu, and then turning to your position. On the screen you can see each player in the organization of the team, including their common potential.

After you called, you may withdraw depending on your productivity. To avoid this, try to support victories as a pitcher, hold back the errors when playing the field and do not allow long recession. Sometimes a call is not the worst, as it gives you the opportunity to play against less strong rivals to raise your rating.

MLB 22 Road to the Show - Part 6 - How to Get Called Up

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