Mobile MMO Decaron M launches the 1st anniversary event

The Thom Age (COSDAQ 208640, Park Hong-seon) said it was announced on the 14th that it is developed by the subsidiary of the Surprising MMORPG ‘Deckaron M’, which is developed and served as its service.

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‘Dececaron M’ is MMORPG, which was 6th most after the service last April, with MMORPG, which ranked 6th in Google, and celebrates its first anniversary on the 20th.

This event is carried out in a variety of time (14th) and 1st anniversary attendance, spring event dungeon, NPC donation, and audit certification event.

First, new users from June 2 will present a large amount of summoning and shining decaron support boxes, reinforced ornaments, and T-shirts, and choices of the new users to quickly grow into the game.

During the same period, we provide abundant attendance compensation such as large amounts of summoning and advanced crystals for return users.

In addition, various compensation including the hammer of the heroic soul as a material acquiring from the event dungeon until 28th.

In addition, events that donate to the NPC during the event period can participate in the NPC, and with a random buff, the donation step may obtain a compensation box according to the rising random.

In addition, the official community will also conduct support message and audit certification events to celebrate Dececaron M 1st anniversary by April 27.

For more information on ‘Dececarm’ 1st anniversary events can be found through the official café.

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