Xbox Game Pass apparently gets a real horror soon

Microsoft expands the Xbox Game Pass. This means that steadily new games are added (but are still disappearing from the subscription offer). From time to time, something goes wrong, then it can happen that a new arrival will be explored too early.

That seems to have been the case now because a corresponding hint was briefly visible and then quickly removed. If it stays there and no complete, but just was too early, soon comes a real horror hit in the Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass probably betrayed that Resident Evil comes to the subscription

That’s why it’s time: Resident Evil Village probably adds soon to the subscription lineup of the Xbox Game Pass. This could have revealed a hint in the Xbox Dashboard. There was briefly pointed out that Resident Evil Village was “in the Game Pass”. But what has not been the case before and the note was also removed directly (via: XGP.PL).

How likely is that? Pretty. Resident Evil 7 was also playable in the Game Pass, accordingly, the next part of the series could hike into the Microsoft subscription.

That something goes wrong here is fixed. The question is only if the whole thing was a mistake and Resident Evil Village is not in the Game Pass or if the fauxpas was just a false, at the time. With luck we will soon have certainty.

Real horror hit: Similar to his predecessor, Resident Evil Village also convinced most fans and critics. That’s why the game is considered one of the best horror titles in recent years. Resident Evil 8 has received a whopping rating of 87 points in the Game test:

Rumor is Sony deal with Capcom that Resident evil 8 village wont be on Xbox Gamepass year 1

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Sony’s reaction to the Game Pass will probably come soon

The competition is not sleeping: Sony probably has its own answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass in the hindquarters. If the rumors and insider statements are correct, it is Spartacus, a multi-stage subscription offer that combines PS Plus and PS Now. This week it could be so far and possibly two other surprises will be revealed.

Would you like to have Resident Evil Village in the Game Pass? Which games do you still want?

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