Is your PS5 controller outdated or improved? Check this number on the back now

Have you recently added a new PS5 controller? Cool! But do you also own the latest model that is less prone to stick drift and pierced adaptive triggers? If you are insecure, then you can easily find out if you have caught a “good” or a “bad” dualsense. This makes Youtuber John Glasscock carefully.

You must pay attention to these model numbers at the PS5 controller

You can easily check if you have an old or new dualsense model by checking the serial number on the back of your controller.

Important is only the last digit or the last letter of the serial number :

  • New model with improved triggers: A (very back)
  • Old model without mechanical improvements: 1 (very back)


Improved model old model


The most recently published dualSense controllers in the colors pink , purple and light blue *** should usually bear the letter A at the end of the serial number and thus be equipped with improved mechanics. With uncertainty just check the number against.

But also the newer models of the PS5 controllers in white, black and red have improved triggers and analog sticks: ** Do you want to buy a controller in these colors, so you should definitely get used to you, the number on the back Check to find out if you have caught a new or old model. You can exchange the Gamepad if necessary, if this is still possible.

What exactly was improved at the latest dualSense models?

As Youtuber Tronicsfix has found out to release the latest dualsense colors, the adaptive triggers (ie R2 and L2) of the revised dualSense models have a stronger spring mechanism to delay the wear of the triggers.

In addition, the newer models have improved analog sticks to counteract stick drift. More about the improved dualSense models read in a separate model article.

If Your PS5 Controller Says This.. Return It

Uncoverable the newer versions of the PS5 controller should not be . The improved parts are likely to make sure that you can play a little longer. How long, future reports must show.

More information about the dualsense : You want to know what the new PS5 controller can still do so and what exactly behind the special functions is? Then we summarize everything for you to dualsense, adaptive triggers, the haptic feedback and more.

Which models do you have at home? And have you already observed problems with your dualsense or first wear phenomena?

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