Maiden Tank Simulation Game “Girls & Panzer Tank Wide Operation! News in the west of the new costume at the big battle direction festival, the announcement of Chiyoshi Shimada

Mob Cast Holdings Co., Ltd. Mobcast Games Co., Ltd. In “West Hirohe, Shimada Chiyoshi appeared.

Mobcast Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director CEO Sakai Tree) Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CCO Representative Director CCO: Hakutaka Hosono) participates Motory Executive Committee (Hakuhodo Dye Music & Pictures, Mob Cast Games Co., Ltd.) is “Girls & Panzer Tank Road Operation!” For iOS / Android. In “West Hirohe, Shimada Chiyoshi appeared.

# Senior Shimada Hiroya appeared in the new costume festival!

April 6 (Wednesday) From 15:00, we will hold a “Debt Road Festival”.
From this time, Seiryo Shimada will appear in the west of the new costume from this time.

# # “War Battle Road Festival” held

April 6 (Wed) 15: 00-April 12 (Tuesday) 23:59

# # “Debai Road Festival” newly appeared

★ 5 Nishiho Hao [University Selection] NEW!
★ 5 Chiyo Shimada [Kuromatic Mine] NEW!

At this opportunity, “Girls & Panzer Tank Road Operation! Please enjoy “.

# App download

· IOS version download page MT=8
· Android version Download page

· AU game version is here!

· Amazon App Store version is here!

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· Game official site is here!

· Game official Twitter is here!

# “Girls & Panzer Tank Road Operation! “What is it?

It is a full-scale strategy simulation smartphone app of the popular anime “Girls & Panzer”.
You can choose your favorite character and create your own dream team, and enjoy the game of the Tank Road, such as the flag and destruction.
The characters appeared more than 74 people! As it is the world’s view of the anime, various communications will be received from the group (or accommodation) with the game original shooter fully appointed the animation voice actor.

The game part realizes deeper strategicity with a simple operation. We will instruct each tank and lead the team to victory.
Even if the transit is disadvantageous, it may be possible to reverse one shot using “strategy” such as strategies. !
The combination of tank × character is infinite! You can carry characters on your favorite tank, and you can choose a position such as a car leader and a gunner freely.
Of course, anime reproduction can be placed in a position that is not in charge in anime.

# Game Overview

Title: Girls & Panzer Tank Road Operation! Genre: Maiden Tank Simulation Price: Basic Free (Some Item Charge) Correspondence model: iOS / Android / PC

(C) Girls Und Panzer Projekt
(C) Girls und Panzer film ProJekt
(C) Girls Und Panzer Finale Projekt
(C) Tank Road Grand Strategy Executive Committee

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