Pokemon Go: Is the Mudkip Community Day Ticket worthwhile?

There is a brand new Mudkip Community Day Pokémon Go and you may wonder if the event ticket is worthwhile. To summarize it: all at the Mudkip Community Day is free, with the exception of the Mudkip Community Day Classic Special Research Story. This special history of research will highlight Mudkip and is essential for every good community day in Pokemon Go. So, without further adieu, here’s all you need to know to decide if you should buy the ticket for the Mudkip Community Day.

Schedule for the Mudkip Community Day

The Mudkip Community Day starts at the Sunday, April 10, at 14:00 local time and lasts until 17:00 local time . This means that you only have three hours to enjoy everything the Mudkip Community Day has to offer, which is very much. There will be active bonuses, the chance to catch the entire shiny Mudkip family, and much more.

Is the Mudkip Community Day Ticket worthwhile?

The Mudkip Community Day ticket is only 0.99 US dollars . As mentioned earlier, everything is available for free during the event, but if you want the exclusive special research history of Mudkip, you have to spend the dollar. The Special Research Story is called “Memories of Mudkip”. A dollar is hardly anything if you think about it, and if you really love Pokemon Go or just want to see what the Mudkip Special Research Story will give you, it’s worth.

It is not explicitly clear what the Mudkip specialist research history will give the coaches at the time of writing, but they can be sure that they will give them access catch more Mudkip and celebrate .

What to do at the Mudkip Community Day?

In the three-hour time span of the Mudkip Community Day, a lot happens. If you focus on catching and completeing your shiny collection, you should definitely do this Use bait and incense to catch as many shiny mudkips, marshtomps and swamperts as possible.

If you are not so interested in Mudkip, the bonuses active during the event should be sufficient to attract them. Not only there are you 30 free ultrabille to win, but there are also increased spawns, 3x Fang-Ep , 3-hour incense and 3-hour bait. These bonuses apply to each Pokémon, not just Mudkip. Enjoy the Mudkip Community Day and the Mudkip Memories Special Research. Further information can be found in our Pokemon GO instructions.

Pokémon Go is now available on all mobile devices.

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