LOL: G2 ESPORTS defends its history and sneaks at the end of LEC after eliminating FNATIC

With an unusual solvency, G2 ESPORTS has been able to sneak into the end of DelSpring Split of LEC 2022 after deleting FNATIC by three maps to zero. An unexpected rematch with which the Samurai organization returns to its eternal rival the stuck embedded in the first round and confirms the rise of the team along the phase of qualifiers. After falling next to those who were today their rivals in their first game, they have won nine consecutive maps to reach the game for the title against Rogue at the best time of the season.

G2 ESPORTS defend your story in LEC

Post Game Lobby - LEC Semifinals: FNC vs G2 (Spring 2022)

Surprisingly, the series did not have too much story. With the exception of a definitive map in which there were alternatives for FNATIC, G2 ESPORTS dominated throughout all the confrontation without yielding or half an opportunity to its rivals . Flakked boys, who surrendered an extraordinary individual level, were much better and showed variations in their game that we had not seen in the entire regular phase. Caps untied, returning to the best level of him and saw Wunder using Ornn in two games and abandoning the most carry profile he has characterized him.

With this victory, G2 ESPORTS has ensured its presence in the face against Rogue that will take place on Sunday, April 10 from 5:00 pm Spanish peninsular time. However, this has not been the only achievement of the Samurai set. The organization has also confirmed that will be maintained during a season more as the team with more titles of the history of the European competitive of League of Legends, since its persecutor was a fnatic that has been without options of grease the palmarés.

Although the ocelot organization has already exceeded expectations after eliminate through a direct confrontation to the two teams considered “super” at the beginning of the season, it does not seem impossible to complete the most difficult and be able to lift title. While Rogue has shown something hesitantly in his last series, the group of G2 has not stopped growing and as little promises to offer us a spectacular end before which we already await impatiently.

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