The Remaster of Chrono Cross is Victim of Review Bombing

After being announced at the last State of Play , c HRONO CROSS: The Radical Dreamers Edition is already available as of today for all current platforms. The new Remasterization of Square Enix had a very mixed reception between professional review, but fans are already making pieces with the practice of review bombing.

In Steam, The Radical Dreamers Edition has a ‘mixed’ rating with 42% of criticism being positive, compared to the srye, eights, and even nine you have received by specialized media.

It is enough to read some of these criticisms to understand why the fans are not happy. Particularly, it is due to the graphic theme, as well as to the problems of Framrate and in general, the evil remastery work that was made by Square Enix.

A LOST Masterpiece? - Chrono Cross Remastered REVIEW!
This we also saw it with the remaster of Final Fantasy VIII at its time, which was also a victim of the Review Bombing, although he has already managed to recover a bit within the Valve platform, at least.

And do not forget that here at Dreamers Edition our review The Radical Dreamers Edition is now available.

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