TFT: two Argentines with world sleep, Q1G Altenahue and Fantheqiqi

Camino to the Teamfight Tactics World Cup that is next to becoming from April 29 to May 1 and with LATAM players aimed at advancing within maximum competition, we were able to talk to Nahuel “Q1G Altenahue” Salazar and Juan “Fantheqiqi “Carballo.

TFT is an Autochess-style set developed by Riot Games in 2019 and what has happened to talk about within the world of ESPORTS, with their different style and with the champions of Runaterra as protagonists inside the board, counting on international events and with several previous sets that have allowed it to grow within the competitive scene.

Speaking of the protagonists of the region we have Q1G Altenahue , Argentine player who has an extensive history at TFT , Top 1 of the world at Set 4 and winner of the First qualifying at the set 6.5 , among other achievements, it has proven to be an exponent and benchmark when creating a community that has supported it during the classification process to the World Cup. ALTENAHUE commented that “one of the greatest differences between the level of our region and the others is the number of players we have, which allows more lobbys in other servers to make more agile than a New goal “.

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On the other side we have fantheqiqi who like altenahue is part of Q1G, developing as an analyst of some of the passed transmissions at events of TFT and as coach within the team, in this occasion decided to take a different step by participating in the first qualifier, surprising with a performance that took him to the second place of the table, the Argentine player mentioned us “Game on the server of NA, EUW, BRAZIL so which can be adapted to the new goals, it is simply a matter of using the chips well “

With respect to the competitive stop that is coming “already being in the World Cup, the options are for all the same, we can as a region equal those differences that exist to leave latam ” comment fantheqiqi.

Being supported by different gaming communities of both the region and foreigners, both players feel prepared to give a positive performance that makes their fanaticada proud more and the various countries that support them. Players mention that they have received a very positive response from their family and close friends motivating them more to move forward.

Recall that there is still a previous event, the Last Chance Qualifier where Fernando “Glg Tewesito” Ramos and Glg Greenbeing are still in the fight to obtain those additional quotas for the region with the possibility of obtaining a total of 5 quotas in the world Cup.

A few weeks that starting the competition, players continue to prepare to demonstrate that the next achievements that are coming will be for the region a celebration assembly, with the mentality at the top and seeking to improve every day, let’s wait The arms in favor of our Latino representatives.

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