Yoon Lauses, Democratic Commitment,

In addition to the Presidential Laboratory Committee, the Democratic presidential officer was also reviewed in the review of the Corporation.

A spokesman for the Laboratorians said, “In the regular briefs held on the 5th in the afternoon,” Primary 115 national tasks, 587 practices have been collected and subsequent tasks that complement them. “

“It was a task necessary for future tasks, but the unreasonable part, the part of the people, and the prefectural part of the young TF, and the delegate of the specialist, and the Democratic Party’s commitment to the other party,

On this day, after the ministry of the ministry, this discussion was done after the reporting report on the ministry in the secretary meeting.

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A new spokesman said, “At the time of the Jeon Seok-yeol, the Jing Suk-yeol, who was in the Kansang Meeting,” Today morning, said, “Weed to review whether the commitment was properly reflected in the first time,

“And the Yun, who was also a junior, who was shaged,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said.

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