Prompt software, preparing for collaboration with another novelist?

Brandon Sanderson, the US Sandon Sanderson, has been a topic of the cooperation with Promers in Real-time in his YouTube.

Brandon Sanderson is one of the master of the SF literature system writing ‘Mist Bon’ and ‘Emperor’s Soul’. In Korea, it was not known to be better than thought, but it has a high reputation for the Nobel Prize of the SF literary system, but also has a high reputation overseas to receive a number of literary programs.

Collaboration with Prom Software was suddenly referred to in his real-time streaming broadcast. From 11 minutes to 20 seconds, we have received the black big box of ‘Eldon Ring’ in Bandai Nancho, and in the box, you can confirm that a letter is wrapped with a variety of Goods related to ‘Eldon Ring’ in the box.

Because it reads only Brandan Sanderson about the contents of the letter, it does not know what content is specifically written. However, when a moderator asked about the contents of a letter, he said, “They seem to be interested in making something together,” he said, “I am the same.”

Regardless of the official announcement of Bandai Nanko, there is no description of what kind of collaboration in what relations will be done, and it is uncertain whether it is actually progressing. However, it seems that it will be able to have a positive expectation in that the initial communication was made in public seats.

Meanwhile, Brandon Sanderson, on January, the writer George R.R on the podcasts that were held with Dan Wells. Martin’s ‘Eldon Ring’ is a complaint about participation. At that time, George R.R. I had a lot of interest in the usual game, including Martin’s video games and more knowledge of video games.

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