Smile Gate Group, Developer Large-scale Bond

Once a 4-day, a Smile Gate, we said it was a large-scale disclosure until 30 days to recruit talent to grow together. Through this, Smile Gate will adopt global IP competitiveness by employing talent in all fields, including game developers.

Rogan: The Thief In the Castle E3 VR Showcase Trailer (Smilegate) - Rift, Vive

This publication participates in the ‘Smile Gate RPG’, ‘Smile Gate Entertainment’, and ‘Smile Gate Mega Port’, and ‘Smile Gate Stove’. The four corporations will be scheduled to recruit talented people in various stages for the growth of smile gates that are preparing for future business. First, Smile Gate RPG recruits ‘Lost Arc’ and ‘Lost Arc Mobile’ and live-related developers. Smile Gate Entertainment is a “Scoring Gate Mega Port”, “Smile Gate Mega Port”, “Smile Gate Mega Port”, “Smile Gate Mega Port”, a new mobile game developer, “Smile Gate Stove” Planners, infrastructure, and security-related workforce plans to recruit and charge.

“The Smile Gate,” said Smile Gate, “Smile Gate is a company that has the brightest and definite future vision and growth potential in the domestic game industry,” said the company, “said the company,” the smart and certain future vision and growth potential. ” I look forward to a lot of support of them. “

Meanwhile, the Smile Gate has grown up a great width over the past few years. In 2020, we exceeded 1 trillion won in sales, and joined the Korea Games’ industry in the 5th and subscribed to the club,

Details of the smile gate adoption can be confirmed through the smile gate disclosure promotional channel.

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