Gun Jam: Characteristic Beatmatching

The new Gun Jam Gameplay Trailer shows the BEATMATCHING mechanics characteristic of the game. The video also reveals more of the Hypnotic Original Soundtrack with the EDM track Fuel Cell and plays in a maubels impressive environments, of which the developers will introduce more in the coming months.

In Gun Jam, the players rebell against the mysterious ruler The Speaker, which literally indicates the sound in the vibrant city of Muibel. In a world in which the Beat means everything, the players and players with the help of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Trap and Metal fight against the Hypnotic music of The Speaker.

In order to regain the freedom of the music and the inhabitants of Muubels, the players vote their actions and shots on the beat and break the spell of a musical dystopia.

How To BEATMATCH? Beginner To Expert Level!
Gun Jam Features

  • Unique action-packed BeatTrattern mechanics
  • Gameplay and transverse soundtrack are perfectly matched
  • Varied through various music styles, environments and opponent designs
  • Modern graphic style and unforgettable environments reacting to music

Raw Fury and Jaw Drop Games will soon be able to pump more information about Gun Jam from the speakers.

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