Bundesliga – twelve players in the square: Bavaria

At 4: 1 of Bayern at the SC Freiburg, twelve FCB players stood in the 86th minute in the 86th minute. Maybe the dealer now threatens an aftermath. Julian Nagelsmann and referee Bastian Dingert explain what played on the court – and Christian Streich explains what he holds about a protest.

Said scene played in the 86th minute, when Nagelsmann moved in FC Bayern at the stand of 3: 1 double-moved: Marcel Sabitzer and Niklas Süle came for Correntin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman. The latter did not come with him that he muse out and played loud SKY for exactly 17 seconds.

The Freiburg Bank dismissed the referee team promptly that the Bavarians with a man were too much on the course. Freiburg coach Christian prank shouted towards the referee Christian Dingert: “Pipe, what a shit here!” Dinger left after an interruption and longer discussions. In the end there was eight minutes in retrieval time.

Do the Bayern lose the game on the green table? In the legal and procedural order of the DFB, paragraph 17, paragraph 4 it is: “If a player was not entitled to play or commission in a game, the game for the team, which had culpably used this player, 0: 2 lost and recovered for the opponent with 2-0 to values, unless the game was not yet continued by the referee after the use of the non-playful or applicant player. “

However, it is relevant in the local case Rule 3, Paragraph 7 . It says:

“[…] All persons who are not listed as players, substitutes or team officials on the team list are considered third parties.

If a team official, a substitute, a replenished player or a third player or a third party enters the playing field, the referee must:

  • Only interrupt the game if such a person engages in the game,

????Bayern Munich Captured With 12 Players on the Pitch vs Freiburg - What Really Happened ?
* The person from the playing field, after the game was interrupted, and
* Take appropriate disciplinary measures.

In a game break due to an intervention by:

  • a team official, a substitute or a replenished or the field referenced is continued the game with a direct free kick or penalty
  • A third person will continue the game with a referee ball.

So also happened in Freiburg: Dinger continued the game with a referee ball. “

Change mistake: Schiri Dingert and Nagelsmann express themselves

The impartial expressed at SKY to the situation and explained it as follows: “It was a totally confused situation, as a wrong number was displayed in the double change of Bayern.” Apparently, Bayern’s team manager has been given the old back number Comans (29) instead of the current (11).

“Therefore, Coman did not felt addressed,” says Dingert. “When clarifying the situation, the fourth official overlooked that the player has left the field. Therefore, a twelfth player was briefly on the field, which may not be. We have noticed the game quickly and then interrupted the game lasted, as we had to vote the situation with the var. Accordingly, it was then continued with a referee ball. For us it is annoying, since this scene is the focus, although we have seen a great football game. We note this in the game report, everything Further, the DFB will decide. “

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann talked about the situation at the press conference and described a similar process: “It was diffusely because Coco (Coco Tolisso, Note d. Red) is ruined because he had gastric problems. Then the fourth official was not exactly knew what happened. Then the wrong back number was displayed and King did not know that he was down in this slot. It was eight or nine seconds in which we were a man too much on the square. There were two crossballs in midfield and No playing scene, so you have to question the fairness now. “

Network reactions to change vortex: “Twelve friends you have to be”

Protest of Freiburg? That says Christian Streich

Does the SC Freiburg protest? That would have to happen so that the breakdown has an aftermath. Freiburg’s sports board Jochen Saier announced after the game at SKY at least that you will “continue”: “We have made the referee attracting the fact that Bayern has eleven field players on the square. That was curry, I have not seen that yet. ” He could not judge the consequences “Now we all have to come down a bit and think about it.”

On the press conference, however, Christian Streich then clearly commented: “I do not understand it with this objection,” he said, “I firmly assume that we should not put an appeal and have to come up with it

Rules are. Otherwise speculation are open door and gate. In my understanding of jurisdiction, there is a rules. ”
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