Artist reimagin to Goku living on the planet Vegeta

As surely you know, Goku crashed into the Earth after the planet Vegeta was destroyed by the army of freezer . Once this Saiyajin came to our planet, he suffered from a blow to the head that basically “rebooted”, and thus prevented him from becoming a violent warrior willing to finish with the human race. But what would have happened if none of this would have happened?

Goku and Vegeta finally meet their parents! What if Goku and Vegeta REVIVED the Saiyans?

If for some strange reason the planet vegeta would never have been destroyed by freezer , then goku could have spent the rest of your life there with the parents of it. Obviously it would be a very different life than we already know, and thanks to the artist known as Goku Trash , we already know how he had seen himself.

The most distinctive of this design is of course the battle suit and the tail of it, which would never have been cut either. Basically, we could say that he is identical to Bardock , the father of him, minus scar on the cheek. And talking about Bardock , this character returned in the sleeve of Dragon Ball , where he has been having greater prominence of the normal.

Editor’s Note: Dragon Ball definitely lends itself to have its own version of “What if…?”. There are many scenarios that would lend themselves for this type of projects, and although Super Dragon Ball Heroes already gave us a taste of how this concept could be, we need a series that really adapts it to one hundred percent.

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