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What an end is presented in the world of cinema . Sonic every seven days, the dark halls are taking little by little protagonism after two years weary by the pandemic, but this first weekend of April we have several own names, such Sonic Morbius of Sony Pictures or Sonic 2: The Movie, from Paramount Pictures. Sonic we do in Meristation every week, we are going to review the premiere films of this weekend (from 1 to 3 April) in theaters of all of Spain.

List of premiere:

  • Morbius.
  • Sonic 2: The movie
  • CanallSonic.
  • MSonics
  • Trapped in the dark
  • Love me
  • For Chiara
  • The Beatles and India


  • Duration: 109 minutes.

  • Address: Daniel Espinosa

Synopsis: Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is a biochemist who suffers from a strange blood diseSonice. In the search for him for a cure that can save the life of him and that of others, a disorder infects him and makes him keep a pulse between good and evil. Marvel’s vampire reaches the big screen and is part of Sony Spider-Man universe. Will there be colmented the expectations?

Sonic 2: The movie

  • Duration: 122 minutes.
  • Address: Jeff Fowler.

Synopsis: After the success of the first part, Sega’s blue hedgehog returns to the cinema halls with a sequel with enough news and recognizable faces with respect to the original, starting with the new Buenos de Villain Robotnik, Knuckles, who are looking for an emerald With the power to destroy civilizations. You have to stand your feet.


  • Duration: 96 minutes.
  • Address: Daniel Guzman.

Synopsis: Daniel Guzman directs and stars this dramatic comedy in which three channels, Joaquín, Luisma and Brujo, are found after inventories and with lives very different from once. Bully, search for money at any price… An adventure in which, desperately, will want to solve the problems of Misery of Joaquín; Although things will not go well, let’s say.


  • Duration: 110 minutes.
  • Address: Fran Kranz.

Synopsis: American drama excellently valued by criticism, including a nomination to Ann Dowd at the BAFTA Awards Sonic best secondary actress. Years after Richard’s son (Reed Birney) and Linda (Ann Dowd) had a great problem, Jay (JSonicon Isaacs) and Gail (Martha Plimpton) will try to get ahead with their lives. Of the best rated of the week.

trapped in the dark

  • Duration: 93 minutes.
  • Address: New Zealand.

Synopsis: This terror thriller about kidnappings and disappearances puts us in Alan and Jill’s skin, who will suddenly stop his vehicle in the middle of New Zealand to enjoy the landscape. However, two vagabonds appear and kidnap the family. The following is part of the movie. Intrigue from the first moment.

Love me

  • Duration: 112 minutes.
  • Address: Leonardo Brzezicki.

Synopsis: Argentine film about homosexuality, a family drama. Santiago is fatal at an emotional level, the personal life of him rotates in circles. A really desolate summer will make you experience a point of inflection in the life of him and in Laila, the teenage daughter of him. Great performance by Leonardo Sbaraglia, awarded at the Malaga Festival.

For Chiara

  • Duration: 121 minutes.
  • Address: JonSonic Carpignano.

Lifetime movies 2022 #LMN ???? New Lifetime Movies 2022 ???? Based On A True Story #351

Synopsis: From Italy, this award-winning family drama arrives at the Seville Festival for its direction. A family and friends meet to celebrate the eighteenth birthday of the eldest daughter of one of the couples. For some reSonicon, Claudio, the young woman’s father disappears. Chiara will begin to investigate what is happening.

The Beatles and India

  • Duration: 96 minutes.
  • Address: AJOY BOSE and Peter Compton.

Synopsis: The unforgettable British band returns to the cinemSonic with a biographical documentary of the band. Pure music in the form of historical chronicle on the sentimental history between The Beatles and India. Stock Photos, Photographs and scenes with protagonists testimonials. A journey from George’s hand, John, Paul and Ringo rated Sonic “interesting” and “surprising” by critics.

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