“Epic Seven” adventure Episode 4 “5. Mori of the metaphors” added! Clear the new stage!

The app game “Epic Seven”, which SMILEGATE operates services in Japan region, “Epic Seven” will be the adventure episode4 “5. Mori of Mori” from March 31 (Thursday), March 31, 2022. We will inform you that you have been added. “Epic Seven” is a beautiful animated RPG that SUPER CREATIVE is developed and SMILEGATE is led by SMILEGATE.

# Adventure Episode 4 “5. Meeting of Mori” added!

From March 31, 2022 (Thu) After maintenance, adventure Episode 4 “5. Mori-of-the-Mori” is added. Besides, a partially new monster is added to the friendship summoning and secret shop.

Complete the new stage and replace various rewards at the Certificate of Current Current Condition!
Also, if you clear the mission, you can earn an item “Audin’s secret” used to imprint the hero “Ardin” memory.

Get Audin and strengthen Ardin!
Please check the game for details.

# World Arena New Season “Season: Determination” will be opened!

March 31, 2022 (Thu) After maintenance, the World Arena “Season: Determination” will open.
From the “season: decision”, the Japan region will formally participate in the World Arena in all regions.

Let’s compete with the inherent people, and aim for the reward and honor of World Arena!
Please check the game for details.

▼ Holding period
March 31, 2012 (Thu) after maintenance-undecided
※ We will notify you separately for the end schedule of “Season: Resolution”.

▼ About open period of rank match
From the World Arena “Season: Determination”, the open period of the rank match is “always”.

# Equipment creation event is held!

Equipment creation events are special events that can create his Lv.85 epic equipment during the period.
Please check the game for details.

▼ Holding period
Point acquisition period: April 1, 202 (Fri) 19:00 to June 29, 2022 (Fri) 18:59
Equipment creation and determinable period: April 1, 2022 (Fri) 19:00 to May 622 (Fri) 18:59

# Epic Seven (Epic Seven)

“Epic Seven” is a beautiful animated RPG that SUPER CREATIVE is developed and SMILEGATE is led by SMILEGATE and operates services in Japan.

This work adopts a graphics engine Yuna engine by its own development, and beauty and fast animation drawing is strong.

A powerful battle system that adventures an animation is a dense and huge stories, deeper development and guild battles of the character.

■ “Epic Seven” Promotion Movie

▼ “Epic Seven” download is here

■ Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stove.epic7.google ■ ios https://apps.apple.com/app/eppic-seven/id1322399438


Name: Epic Seven (Epic Seven) Genre: RPG Distribution Model: iOS / Android Delivery Date: November 7, 2019 Prompt: Basic Free (Item Charge) Official Site: https: //epic-seven.jp/ Official Twitter : Https: //twitter.com/epic7_JP

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