Smile Gate Hope Studio, Child Welfare Merit Recognition

The Smile Gate Hope Studio said in 2021, awarded the Health Welfare Market Recognition (Minister of Health and Welfare), said on March 31 (Thu). Hope Studio has been submitted to government commences in the Section of the Social Contribution and Game Industry Development Division.

Health and Welfare Child Welfare Meridian Award is aimed at medical staff, contributing to child welfare promotion, and aims to make social atmosphere composition and spread for healthy growth of children’s children.

This award was recognized for the achievement that Hope Studio has solved the welfare blind child childhood problem, and in particular, it is significant in that it is directly recommended by the Korean Child Youth Group Homecoming Council, the Foundation’s benefit organization. Hope Studio has been operating eight situations that have a smiley house that helps to protect and heal and indigenize blindness children with community group homes in 2016. In particular, we are building a sustainable solution through the linkage of private and national resources, while the bond community activities are engaged in children through various experiences and emotional support activities.

Lee, Yoon-yoon, a member of the Korean Children’s Adolescent Group Homecom, said, “I am sincerely thankful for a smile gate that is troubled and trying to solve problems for blind kids. The case of a smiley house platform shared to the community and the children can grow healthy. I will do my best to create and spread the environment. “


Smile Gate Hope Studio Cooker’s worker will be as harder as soon as we receive awards on behalf of donators, users and volunteers with the Smile House Plates. In the future, the problem of future generations I will try to solve it more. “

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