Internationals: Müller moves the same with Seeler

Thomas Müller has also completed his 112nd commitment to the Netherlands in the DFB dress and is ranked six in the ranking of the “Eternal” German Country Spielliste. Also Manuel New moved with a DFB legend.

Müller is missing after the 1: 1 in Amsterdam only a game to close with his former team of players Philipp.

Stay in the list of record players Lothar Matthäh’s undisputed with 150 games in front of Miroslav Klose (137) and Lukas Podolski (130).

National Object Heritage Manuel New has been on Tuesday 52nd international match as DFB captain and thus overtakes Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the list of record captains at DFB countries. For the goalkeeper of the German record champion Bayern Munich, it was the total of 109 commitment to the national team.

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There is also a change in the top 20 ranking of the best scorer in the German national team. Müller moves with his 43th hit in the 112nd use with DFB honor player Uwe Seeler.

Müller continues to be the best scorer in the current squad and has left the former Capitano Michael Ballack. He shares the ninth place with Seeler.

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Miroslav Klose remains with its 71 hits record hunters in front of Gerd Müller (68), Joachim Streich (55) and Lukas Podolski (49).

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