BVB: Watzke is looking forward to a sold out stadium

At the thought of the stadium sold after 763 days from Borussia Dortmund on Saturday against RB Leipzig (18.30 clock) Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke becomes entirely emotional.

Surprise visit to BVB with stadium tour, meeting Owomoyela & match against Bielefeld
“That’s what’s going on,” said the 62-year-old at SKY: “I am very happy at 81,365 spectators. I have to honestly say that I was a bit skeptical if we got the stadium sold out immediately. But my employees have said That we create that, and we did it. “

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting audience revenues have suffered a major economic damage.

“We lost a total of 120 million euros. This is incredible. It makes us easier for us now, but it’s a snapshot,” Watzke said, hoping that restrictions of the past believe: “The policy must understand that we have to continue this way. It But will take a few more years to catch up with what we lost. Now we have to look forward and enjoy the moment. “

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