“Elden Ring” “Gorogoro Advance” victims continued in the war. Im overwhelming the other party

At “ Elden Ring “, a certain technique has attracted attention of domestic and foreign players. Attacks just looking back to the appearance comical are showing the signs of epidemic and memorization. The background seems to have had a comical videos of user production and surprising performance. It should be noted that this paper includes an area image and a war name after “Elden Ring”.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. This work has a palm system that can give a special skill skilled skill “war” to weapons. The war has basically consumed FP and can benefit from a variety of attacks, or the rise of attack power. Choosing a strategy of performance that matches the style, but just choose the appearance and fun of the player’s freedom. As a battle technique that became a topic, there was a “frost step” which has received downward correction due to power and fuel efficiency.

And recently, a battle with a lightning of a lightning is suddenly. The behavior of this war is extremely simple and only “rolls with lightning”. The sheep of this work is a habit of rolling at the time of attack and struggle. Also, the sheep in a specific area is looking at a yellowish look and generates a lightning damage when rolling. Lightning sheep is a war featured in the figure of such sheep, and even in the work, it is clear that “I will be a master who will be ahead”. In triggering, the player character does not seem to be out of human being, it sounds “make”, and it will be a sheep and will be ahead. Also, it is possible to continue rolling at additional inputs. However, it looks like an idyllic and unrequisited look somewhere.

However, such a lightning sheep was often from the topic of some users. For this purpose, this war is the appearance and contributing to the battle with some enemies and interpersonal matches. Therefore, there was also a presence that is also mentioned on the domestic SNS. And on March 19, a video was uploaded to improve attention to the sheep of lightning. YouTuber MARCO YOLOLo’s “Elden Ring” Cosplay Play Video.

MARCO has released to be a state of interpersonal play in Sonic, a hero of Sega’s “Sonic The Hedgehog”. He dyed the character blue and expresses the hair of Sonic with body hair. He is quite easy to sonick, such as reproducing his trademark gloves and facial color scheme. However, he is just a naked man who is actually a funny color. Sonic is selected as a target of custaless, and it will be from spin attack, spin dash, which is the same character’s specialty, and the similarity of lightning sheep. Nysonic is a strike weapon Sestus set a lightning sheep and challenged to the “Elden Ring” interpersonal battle.

Among the same dynamics, Nysonic has a spin attack that makes a lot of victory with lightning sheep and blows. When I look at the enemies who have been done, I can’t run away to run away, and I’m going to fight back and fight back. Certainly, the attack that repeats the prelude is likely to stick the gap. In addition, two-to-one confrontation, which is inherited, is also defeated by lightning sheep and won. It is strange because the sound effects and editing are also tough, and Nisseonic can only be real. However, it would be a trauma that was killed and killed by the hairy man. This video has attracted more than 80,000 playback at the time of article writing, and it was widely diffused on SNS, and knew the sheep of lightning.

From these images, the reason for the lightning sheep is also visible. In addition to the constantness of attacks, the length of occurrence time is also excellent. Even to guard with a shield, lightning damages can not be cut and can be penetrated. However, it is a good performance that is troublesome. This work has a concept of “toughness”. This is the status involved in the occurrence of fear motion when attacked. Basically, the more you equip with a heavy armor, the higher the strength, and it will be difficult to get rid of the enemy’s attack. In addition, there is a mechanism such as a temporary increase in attack on heavy weapons, etc., and it is one of the factors involved in the battle of battle. If the toughness is too low, there is also a case where it will occur even in the early attack of the light weapon, etc., and there are cases where it is difficult to counterattack.

And the sheep of the lightning is quite good for the performance that makes the enemy scared. In addition, the victims in the above-mentioned moving image are shown in which the toughness is equipped with low resistance. In other words, the victims are considered to have been defeated almost completely in the state of being in the state of the lightning sheep. In this work, highly tough equipment in the early stages is hard to get it. There may also be panic to the turbulence of the intimate preliminary attack. Nysonic’s blue and hair depth may also induce panic. The lightning sheep is effective in the enemy NPC war, and in addition to the fish enemies, it can be a valid tactical boss. The lightning sheep is a pretty effective war for the player and the enemy.

Besides the Nishesonic videos, a video that kills the intruder at the sheep of lightning is attracting attention on SNS, and certain popularity. In addition, the sheep of lightning in interpersonal match was a trendy sign before Nysonic attracts attention. Overseas bulletin board Reddit also asked “the sheep of thunder as a sheep of thunder” asks you to ask for a lightning shepherd. User posting. Here is an advice that “can handle with jumps” has been invested here. Although the sheep of the lightning looks like an attacking-off-off attack, unless it is a normal rolling, no invincible time has occurred. Countermeasures can be considered, such as enhancing the above-mentioned toughness or by jumping attacks and long-distance attacks.

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