Gran Turismo 7 gets thick wated by the metacritic

Gran Turismo 7 is currently one of the worst rated games.

2.0 – This is not the version number of the most recent update for Gran Turismo 7 (we are currently at 1.08), but its current average rating on metacriting, which affects the notes of users. Of the over 5,000 reviews, almost 4,500 are negative. So it happens that the racing game is currently the third-rated Playstation-5 game on the platform. As I said, it goes exclusively by the user’s ratings. The metascore feeding from critics-assigned notes is 87.

Gran Turismo 7 Players Protest & Review Bomb Game Over Sony/PlayStation's MTX Greed & Deception

But what happened that the players go to the court so hard with Gran Turismo 7? We also have our criticisms, but still consider it a very good racing game, which we have given a good note accordingly in the test. Well, on the one hand, it was said that developer Polyphony digitally puts digitally in the youngest days neatly into the nettles. Only published the update 1.07 and thus reduced the prize money that you receive for the victory in some career events. The fans did not feel great and left their anger on Reddit free run.

As a result of the update, another problem was added: Gran Turismo 7 was mostly no longer playable. It came to server problems so that you could only play the title offline. Now Gran Turismo 7 but stupidly has an online compulsion. The entire single-player career does not work if the game is not connected to the Internet. Only arcade race on a limited selection of routes and with just 13 different cars are then possible. According to The Verge, this condition stopped for more than 30 hours until Polyphony Digital published the Update 1.08 and the servers then went online again.

Now, before this story, there was negative user reviews to Gran Turismo 7 on Metakritic, where the game, among other things, the microstransaktions and the high grind factor are challenged. The latter has become even more extreme with the two recent updates, because they can now win much fewer credits in some races than before.

With the release of Patch 1.07 and the subsequent offline phase, however, the negative ratings have increased sharply, so that in the PS5 ranking only still GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and Madden NFL 22 have a worse total value rating as Gran Turismo 7. Babylon’s case and Battlefield 2042 have a slightly higher score – and that are really no good games. That should give polyphony to think. However, if the Japanese abolish the online compulsion, because of Single and Multiplayer sharing a progression system and would like to accommodate a cheating here. The option to buy cars with real money will certainly not disappear. The best thing that could and should now make the responsible persons as soon as possible and should, would be to raise the prize money of career events back to the level before patch 1.07.

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