What is Anima fragments and what they do in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin implemented a new and improved version of the system of professions presented in Final Fantasy I, which allows Jack Garland and his gang of different heroes to use a wide range of unique combat styles in battle. However, you will need to increase the level of each task to fully disclose its potential, which can usually be done only by victory over the hordes of enemies.

Fortunately, there is one object specifically designed to speed up this process – Anima fragments . Here is a detailed description of what the Anima fragments are and what they do in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Anima fragments and where to find them

Anima fragments are the type of item that can be used to perform the task of your choice. A small increase in experience allowing you to raise the level of tasks without having to win enemies . In this regard, the Anima fragments are an extremely convenient alternative to the usual level increase in battle and are excellent to improve the level of work that can be too weak to fight the monsters with which you will come across during Jack’s travel.

However, as expected from such a valuable subject, Anima fragments are slightly rare, and they can be difficult to get it. They can Sometimes you can get as an item from victory over enemies or bosses, and this means that you are likely to meet a couple during the sweeping of the dungeons, although Anima’s fragments are mostly purchased from * chests or as a reward for completion * Earned on various missions.

how to use anim fragments

Fortunately, although to track and collect Anima fragments can be difficult to use them quite simple. To use ANIMA shards, first log in Trees of vacancies section Main menu While on world map or when using Cubes . From there, select the task whose level you want to boost, then take a look at the right bottom corner of the screen, and you will see the option Use Animation Shards . Just click the appropriate button on your controller to start the leveling process.

Anima fragments provide 4000 experience for fragments, which is enough experience to provide one level on anim fragment While the task does not reach the tenth level. As an additional advantage currently Unlimited to the number of anime fragments that can be used at a time if they are in your inventory. If you have the work that you want to raise quickly, be sure to follow the anim fragments and collect as much as possible!

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