The development of the fall of Babylon will continue as planned after a bad reception

Platinumgames will not give up Babylon’s Fall soon. Despite disappointing critics and an apparently low number of players, the multiplayer action RPG is about to continue its live service ambitions, with several content seasons already in preparation.

In a long development update, the studio confirms its intention to expand and improve the game. “It is not planned to reduce the magnitude of Babylon’s Fall’s development,” he says, indicating That work until the end of Season 2 are “virtually completed” and that the development of season 3 is in progress. “We will continue to provide new content for the game and make improvements based on the comments of the players, striving to play existing players and attract newcomers. »

An incoming update seems to bring a whole bunch of rebalancing changes in addition to the new content, including a new chapter, a card, a faction, a type of weapon, etc. It seems that Platinumgames is there for the long term in the hope of reversing the vapor of the game.

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