Smarably Hope Studio, Border Line Intelligent Child Support

On the 21st, the Smile Gate Hope Studio (Hope Studio) said that he was concluded a developmental support project for the Boundary Association for the Boundary Intelligent Child, which was placed on the border of the Boundary Line in the blind spot with a laughing of adolescent adolescence center and children in Seongnam. Boundary intelligent children do not correspond to intellectual disabilities, but they mean children that correspond to average intelligence of IQ 71-84 levels.

This project in Hope Studio was planned based on Ansan and Seongnam’s Smile House Platform in Ansan and Seongnam for resolving the design of the first abuse of domestic abuse. Participation in this platform, public institutions, private organizations, and enterprises are expected to be an opportunity to spread to the community to the community for a sorted district. Hope Studio has been operating a smiley house platform for troubleshooting of blindfolded children since 2016. To date, we have supported 8 Smile House, and have supported a sustainable troubleshooting solution (including government subsidies) and supporting sustainable troubleshooting solutions, and improving and self-reliance.

Be Polite and Kind

The sponsor of this project will go to Social Problems through the participation of the user by participating in the game donation event in ‘Anifang 2’ and ‘Shanghai Anifang’. Smile Gate Group Foundation Foundation Orange Planet Access Brain Development Solutions Industry Dabrain is a policy to provide digital cognitive treatment services.

Meanwhile, the Hope Studio plans to spread the Smile House Platform to the Alienation Area through the Christmas contributions that last year’s New Year Lost Arc Users participated.

“Hope Studios will be able to become a social problem solving platform that” hopeful studio is awarded and diagnosed a rectangular area, such as a boundary intelligent child problem, “said Hope Studio.” “I will be able to spread them together and spread them to participate in sustainable troubleshooting.”

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