ICT Hole 15 years ago, the board is.

The ICT policy bureaucrats of the Science and Technology Information and Communications Department were excluded from the professional committee and practical committee, which was dispatched to the Presidential Officer of Yoon Suk-yeol.

As a result of the Digital Dental Exchange, the Cujian Ministry of ICT policy, which has been in charge of the ICT policy, the executive staff of the ICT policy falls all on the way, and it is concerned that the situation that the ICT was reproduced due to the launch of the Lee Myung-bak,

According to the 21st and the governments and the government, and the provincial part of the provision, the section shall dispatch the Public Energy Adjustment of Yoon Sung Hoon as a Practice Committee as a Chang-Yun-Yun, Baseon Research Policy Office and a practice committee.

The Ministry of Occasionally, the Department of Orthodox Journal of Origin, Korea, was a professional member of the R & D investment in the same priest, the first Article Route, and the Information and Communication Policy and the Artificial Intelligence Agency Policy Pavilion, and the Artificial Intelligence Agency Policy Office.

Lee Chang-yun, which is dispatched on the acquisition, is a science and business in the field of science. Yoon Sung-hoon’s exaggeration is also a member of the Orthodox Party. The secondary room for ICT policy was excluded.

Digital sector policies Mokyo Old Over-Orthodox Ministry of Personnel The government officials are all fallen from the list of attendance dispatch, but the government, as well as the government, as well as the embossiness in the industry.

In addition, the Broadcasting Communication Committee was a social welfare culture and a professional committee with social welfare culture and a professional committee, and Lee Soora’s protection executive was dispatched to the science and practical committee. In the future, this exaggeration was to be in charge of the ICT field in the applicant.

Initially, the Combining of the Broadcasting Broadcasting Co., Ltd. is a professional committee with a professional committee, while Kim Young-tube was a professional member of the social welfare culture. Kim, director, is expected to report related discussions to the government market for the Seoul Metropolitan City, Seoul, Korea.

Information and Communication Technology for Development
Therefore, it is a situation in which the ICT Buddha from the Economic 2 and the Science and Technology Education, which is responsible for the ICT industry and policy within the acquisition.

With such a personnel, the Digital Related Pharmaceutical discussion of Yoon Suk-yeol, who has been in charge, is pushed to the subordinate, and it will be a form similar to the past Lee Myung Bak government.

It is a reason why ICT policy discussion is less than the past, which has been a past, which has been a regular dismantling of the ICT power country, and eventually has a similar flow of the ICT policy.

Meanwhile, the number of acquisitions is 76 professional members with 24 acquisitions, and 73 practice members.

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