The New World Route Leaf is revealed 2022

New world players who want a better idea of ​​what the plan for game updates over the year obtained exactly that this week with the launch of the most recent road map. The roadmap in question divides the content into three different seasons (spring, summer and autumn) with events, expeditions and more than waiting within each section. Next to the road map, new world The game director, Scott Lane, appeared in the last development video to talk more about the contents of 2022 preview.

The roadmap that is seen below is opened with the spring content that begins this month. del new world Tempest’s Heart Expedition and more included in the HEART OF MADNESS Update to head the spring content along with plans for the new WEar, PVP 3V3 and unique rewards for those who frequent the PVP experiences of the game. We have seen the update of Heart of Madness previously seen at the beginning of this messor for what we already have an idea of ​​what to expect from that.

From there, we went to the summer plans that Lane covered in the video then towards the end.

Why We NEED a New World ROAD MAP!

“This summer, we have another final expedition: Barnacles & Black Powder,” Lane said about the content planned for the summer of 2022. “I think the name gives you a track of what you are going to find there. It’s really exciting., And we are very happy to publish it. In addition, we have a group search engine for expeditions. Then, many players have been asking this, especially as more players are added to the 590, 600 team. And they are doing mutations. This will help you find groups and it will make it much easier ».

Lane continued saying that the summer content would end with a “quite incredible summer event”, but he did not say much more about it beyond that.

In the fall, players will visit Brimstone Sands, which is described as a complete “desert territory” complete with a new culture and many IA characters with which to interact. It is said that the Ennead expedition included in that season is one of the most difficult expeditions that players will face, and we will also see more weapons and events added in autumn, along with the addition of classification tables.

del new world The content of the road map begins this month with Tempest’s Heart Expedition and more, so wait to see more details about this type of characteristics and plans as we get closer to its releases.

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