Elden Ring players discover the infamous place of Berserk

If you have played even the slightest part of anillo de Elden the open world role play from Software that is sweeping in the world of videogames, you can see the influence of Kentaro Miura enloquecido. Even one of the types of game characters, specifically “prisoner,” seems to be inspired by the attire of Griffith when he was tortured without mercy in the dark series of anime. Now, fans believe that he has stuck with a place that was torn directly from the first days of Guts, preparing the scenario for the somber who could become the anime series.

While the future of the last success of Software certainly seems assured, with the game obtaining large numbers since its launch earlier this year, the future is in the air for inloquecida after the death of the creator Kentaro Miura last year. While the fans ask if the assistants of Miura could resume the series and complete the story of Guts, Griffith, Casca and Band of the Hawk, many others believe that we have already read the final chapter of the manga, believing that no one can finish what Kentaro had begun with this dark fable. Regardless of whether or not _enloquecido, it is clear, it is clear that the franchise will continue to have a great influence in the world of pop culture in the years to come.

The Reddit Carry-on-cadaver user shared a location from Elden Ring that seems to start directly from the pages of the first Berserk, with the hanging corpses tree where a band of mercenaries discovered Guts and started it in his terrifying search in a world. of demons that are beyond understanding:

Anillo de Elden is not the only Software game that pays tribute to the dark world created by Kentaro Miura, with demonic Almas The first three Almas and Transmitted by blood have a lot of Easter eggs scattered everywhere. Onloquecida He has even obtained some own videogames, more recently with the “Musou” game style known as _Berserk and the Hawk Band that allows players to play through expanding epic as they eliminate dozens of enemies.

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