Lowest Stealth ACT sequel “Monaco 2” announced-A thief game that can be enjoyed by solo or multi is 3D and returns

Developer PocketWatch Games and Publisher Humble Games announced “Monaco 2” ** that is a sequel to the perspective stealth action.

This work is a sequel to the perspective of the outlook release with Steam in 2013 “Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine” . Solo or cooperative play Encyclic planning and the fun of the previous work such as chaotic actions when it failed is, as it is, changes and enhancements are made in various aspects such as graphics and systems.

Development log # 1 can also be released with concept art, BGM, and build of build during development as we announce this work. In the image, this work corresponding to local or online cooperative play is such that it is like “Monaco 3D”, and it is a complex procedural type to allow players to think by yourself every time It is said that introducing an environmental generation system.

Stealth Hunter 2 Walkthrough (All Bonus Levels and Achievements)
The release date of “Monaco 2” is unknown during the STEAM store page. We are trying to disseminate development status with official Discord servers and Twitch channels.

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