Dofus Touch: Characteristic bearings, how to mount his stats

On DOFUS Touch, features levels are different in different classes. It is therefore difficult to play certain items! To help you choose your class and your item, our tables bearing characteristics are there, and current. You’ll know how to mount your stats opti way.

Bearings stats are updated on the Touch DofusBook release!

These tables are also on our stuff by class books.

Update 17/03/2022: Changing tables with redesigns .

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bearing characteristics of Cra

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Since the redesign of DOFUS Cra Touch, its statistics are balanced. However, it no longer has any water out, making way Luck almost impossible.

bearing characteristics Ecaflip

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As qu’Ecaflip, the game makes you choose the earth path. The air route is playable, and some levels you will have fun in the other elements.

bearing characteristics of the Eniripsa

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Since its redesign, the Eniripsa has the opportunity to play on the air routes, Water and Fire. Possessing not spell Earth, the latter route is strongly discouraged.

bearing characteristics of the Enutrof

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No way for Air Enutrof. The water route is often preferred, although the way Earth and the fire lane have some strengths.

bearing characteristics of Feca

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The Feca enjoys the same levels as the PC version of Dofus. Its air route remains discouraged the Feca having no air comes out.

bearing characteristics of Iop

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Iops plays Earth. But not only ! Air route and Fire are interesting way when the stuff can follow, even if the levels of characteristics DOFUS Touch does not play in his favor. And some will even play water route, which remains a mystery.

bearing characteristics of the Cra

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Osamodas enjoys the same levels as Dofus PC. Air, Fire, Water, Full Vitality and full Summons many choices available to you!

bearing characteristics of Pandawa

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Pandawa is special. However, it has the opportunity to play a little all elements.

bearing characteristics of the Rogue

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Like others, the Rogue has the same levels as the PC version of Dofus. The ways Fire, Air and Water are open to it, depending on your needs and your desires.

bearing characteristics Sacrier

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Since the redesign, Sacriers no longer has its unique bearing Vitality. It is therefore up to you to choose between his Air Way, Water and Earth. Having no fate Fire, intelligence is not recommended on the Sacrier.

bearing characteristics Sadida

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With levels of characteristics identical to those of Dofus PC, the Sadida’s choice. Air Only way is really not recommended.

bearing characteristics of Sram

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Sram characteristics of the bearings are identical to the PC version of Dofus. So choose carefree way between Earth, Fire and Air.

bearing characteristics of Steamer

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Earth, Fire, and Water, the Steamer can choose! It takes advantage of the same levels of features on the Pandawa DOFUS Touch.

bearing characteristics of Xelor

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Xelor enjoy playing all the elements. His stats are, however, more interesting to take into Fire or Earth. Some will even take the wisdom to play Removing PA.

bearing characteristics of Masqueraider

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All Masqueraider the way are interesting outside the fire lane. And as he took advantage of bearings features of the PC version of the game, he can afford to make a choice.

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