Skullgirls and indivisible developers form a new studio


While Lab Zero is no longer, a more recent and cool studio reborn from his ashes. Future Club is the new promising studio developed by former artists and designers of Lab Zero. Hope this new company offers a more stable and healthier work environment?

The studio is “a structured independent game studio based on the goal of creating games with artisanal works and a traditional 2D animation, an engaging and reactive gameplay and unique and memorable worlds. It seems that the damage caused by the former owner of Lab Zero are deep enough. The team wants to do everything it can to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

CEO / producer Francesca Esquenazi has developed on this idea, stating that “we wanted to start with a business structure belonging to the workers and giving everyone his say on the future of our organization.” I can not have a rotten apple with a control stock, after all. “Future Club is a cooperative game development studio belonging to its employees, established with the belief that strong teams are more important than the sum of their parts.” The designer Earl Gertwagen adds to this feeling, noting that “a cooperative structure (…) gives us all an equal role in the construction of our future as a company alongside the games we create.” We hope that the success of the future club will serve as a model for other studios. Games are more than a vision of crazy, after all.

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