How to Get Gummy Marker in Roblox Find The Markers

While finding markers it may seem that it’s just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex card with more than a few complex secrets that you need to find. With his newest Candiland Update Find The Markers added 25 new markers to detect players, including the one we consider in this brief guide, a marmalade marker.

in search of marmalade marker

Code Decryption

Chewing marker is hidden for a secret door that only those who introduce the right color code can open. Although the order of this code is all different, four colors that make up the code are the same: red, yellow, green and blue. To enter the code and open the door, you will need to find the appropriate buttons and press them in the correct order.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, the order of our code is red, blue, yellow, green. To open this door and get a jelly marker, we need to find and press the red button, then the blue button, then the yellow button and, finally, the green button. To see the location of all these buttons, continue to read.

Location of the Red Button

The red button can be found inside the Candyland Gingerbread House. Once you click the button, it will become white as you can see below.

Location of blue button

The blue button can be found on the side of the blue suction cup, which is located right outside the Candyland Gingerbread House.

Location of the yellow button

The yellow button is opposite the secret door hidden behind the edge of the card.

Location of a green button

The green button can be found in a small corner next to the chocolate fountain.

Completion Obb.

As soon as you press all the buttons in the correct order, go back to the secret door – now it should be open.

To enter this door and get a jelly marker, you will need to perform a small womb, which includes the passage of a thin ledge and jumping around the obstructive wall. Attempting to reduce this womb, jumping to the door from any closest platform, will lead to the fact that your character will be teleported back to the point of experience – you ** must complete the womb to enter the room.

To get to the starting point of this womb, squeeze between the small path shown below, and carefully go ahead.

To successfully jump over this wall, you may need several attempts, so do not be discouraged if you can’t do it immediately.

As soon as you overcome the wall, you are on the finish line. Just enter the room, go to the jelly marker and touch it to pick up!

How To Get The *GUMMY MARKER* In Roblox Find The Markers!


That’s all! Now you have collected a marmalated marker! If you are looking for additional marker search guidelines, be sure to go to the Roblox section on PGG, since we plan to very soon reach more markers that have been added with the Candyland update.

In while reading our manuals on how to get a greedy marker in Roblox, find markers or how to get a marker Zen in Roblox, find markers in professional players!

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