Elden Ring (Elden Ring (Elden Ring) Worldwide Cumulative Sales Verse 1,200

[Data provided: Bandai Namco]

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\ – Representative director of promotional software / Director Miyazaki Hide Taka and Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Representative Director Miyakawa Yasuo’s Comments

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (Representative Zerald Nun) announced that Bandai Namco entertainment and promoter ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring (RPG) RPG’ Elden Ring (Elden Ring (RING), which is jointly developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and Promoter Software, has exceeded 1,200,000 cumulative sales in the world, including the download version.

‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring)’ is a new work that will serve a marketing force of promotional software and a marketing force of the Promote Software and the overseas network of Bandai Namco Entertainment, Action RPG.

This work is a Miyazaki Heathrow of the Miyazaki Heathrow and Fantasy Novel Series ‘Single’s Songs’, a masterpiece of George RR Martin, which is a feature of the Professor RR Martin, which is a featured action, and a colorful We also offered a good assessment of all over the world by providing a overwhelming play experience that has never been able to have a vast world and high degree of freedom with a high degree of poor.

In addition, the 14 languages ​​(※ 3) have achieved high interest in the world through the transfer of the simultaneous deployment and the network tested just before the release, and achieved a high interest in the world’s cumulative sales volume worldwide. ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring)’ is scheduling for a variety of deployments using the game as well as the game as well as the game.

About 1,200,000 outcome of Cumulative Sales around this world, the representative director of Promers, Ltd., Ltd. Miyazaki Heathrowa, director Miyazaki, said, “I was surprised that many people play this work. Representing the production team and thank you for all users. George R. R. R. Martin is a great day to enjoy a high degree of freedom and a lot of threats from a vast world that made the myth of Martin’s myths. I would like to ask for ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring). “

In addition, CEO of Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. Miyakawa Yasuo, “Froming Software and Joint Developed New Action RPG ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring), which was jointly developed by our company, has exceeded 1,200 of the world’s cumulative sales volume. I would like to thank you again to the fans who enjoyed ‘Elden Ring’. Director Miyazaki starts with Genui, Glory to be able to make this work with Genja R. R. R. R. Martin. “

And “Elden Ring (Elden Ring), who has been working for a long time to create a work that has exceeded your expectations that goes beyond the fans around the world, and wants to develop a variety of other ways to be in the future as well as the game. I will show you the abundance of enriching, and I will go aim to go to the fans and go out. “

PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Steam® ‘Elden Ring (Elden Ring)’ is a favorable release and can be purchased from the national online and offline game stores.

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