Elden Ring: Sword, Spear, Bow and more

Elden Ring is a monumental masterpiece, our editors agreed in their test. But where from software is on top, there’s a crunchy challenge not far. So that elden ring is still fun, we attach our entry-level tips to the heart or you use multiplayer mode, and just summon a few friends.

ATTENTION SPOILER: To describe the locations of the weapons, we will call some of the areas and bosses from Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) , including those from the later gameplay. So be warned if you are still in the beginning!

Another means to pass against the stamen adversaries is a quick weapon. We have therefore selected the best war tool for all major categories and betray you next to scales, conditions and side effects , where you can find the weapons.

However, considering the following listing that each category has many strong weapons and your favorites also depend heavily on your playing style. In addition, the often mow-acting scales are the basic scaling , which can be significantly improved by the upheaval of the weapons and the benefits of war strap .

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  1. Page 1The best weapons of categories Dagger, Spear and Sword
  2. Page 2The best weapons of categories shock sword, gigantic, katana and snitter
    3rd page 3die best weapons of categories Fist, bow, wand and seal
  3. Page 4 picture gallery to “Elden Ring: That’s the best weapon of every category”

The best dagger: the black knife

Small and nimble, but not less deadly than big weapons: these are the daggers. In this category, above all, the black knife stands out, which gets to her in the catacombs of the black blade, all in the north of Liurnia. Just defeat the boss Assassine of the black blade, then you hold the gun in your hands.

The black knife requires 8 thickness, 12 skill and 18 faith, has a strength scaling of e, skill and faith may be happy about a D scaling. For this, the black knife not only focuses physical, but also sacred damage and its unique ability is great for remote attacks and to weaken the opponent.

The best spear: Blitz from Gransax

The exact opposite of a dagger is probably the spear, the longest melee weapons. Here you should look at the flash of Gransax , which does not just look stylish, but is really strong. You will find the good piece in the capital Leyndell, where you must take the western door outside after the fight against Godfrey and then the elevator.

With 20 in thickness and 40 in skill, the spear is pretty demanding and does not even look so stunning with a D scaling in both values. In addition to physical also, he also causes proper lightning damage and can be thrown at an extremely long distance like a flash.

The best sword: sword of the night and the flame

When it comes to swords, the sword of the night and the flame already impressed by his name. But it also convinces with its incredibly strong mixture of hybrid damage: the sword causes both physical and magical and even fire damage!

The sword of the night and flame requires 12 strength and skill and 24 wisdom and faith. The maues E- and D scales makes it with his hybrid damage and its strong ability to make up, in which she shoots a wall on flames forward. You will find the weapon in the house Caria, in the northwest of Liurnia.

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Page 1 The best weapons of categories Dagger, Spear and Sword

Page 2 The best weapons of categories shock sword, gigantic, catana and snitter

Page 3 The best weapons of categories Faust, bow, wand and seal

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4 picture gallery to Elden Ring: This is the best weapon of every category

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