“Lets take off the mask and show the face to the woman” -STeam review of the work with indie developers inappropriate text is “overwhelming unpopular”

DOLPHIN BARN INCORPORATED Developed by the developer in the “ DOMINA ” patch note of Dolphin Barn Incorporated publishes unreliable and incorrect sentences and receives repulsion from the user.

“Domina” is a development simulation game that grows and manipulates a swordsman on the stage of the ancient Roman Coliseum characteristic of dot picture. The entire review of Steam has attracted 7,738 reviews, “very popular”, but in recent reviews, “somewhat unpopular” by 827 reviews, and temporarily “overwhelmingly unpopular” It seems to have been.

This background seems to be due to the “jok” published by the developer published by the developer. If you look at the patch note, it is mixed with bug fixes and optimization information, etc. Items are “” After that, “ I will show a face to a woman with confidence ” “ Women like confidence. Men like hiding the face with fear is not good **” We will continue to encourage removal.

This is not only this time, but not only this time, in the patch notes in May 2021, “a man who does not fight is weak. There is no person with a weak man.” “The strong Road Dimension is Pornhub and Onlyfans You can not get it in SNS). You can check the radical remarks about gender, such as.

These statements are inserted suddenly into the patch notes, so it is unknown whether the developer is serious or something like this or as a joke. However, it has not changed to the fact that it is inappropriate anyway, and it has become a result of buying a bigger from the user.

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