ELDEN RING CHELONAS Rise: Where to find 3 big wise beasts

While I did Rannis errands Eldenring , you may find yourself in Chelona’s hill again and must hunt three way beasts. It may appear pretty confusing. According to which beasts would you search? If you have no idea what you need to look for or where you could be, you can easily be confused. Without markings on your card, you only have to hike through the area and find out which beasts Elden Ring you want to find. Let’s go through what the wise beasts are and where you can find them.

Where are the 3 big wise beasts in Elden Ring?

The three big beasts for which you are looking for in Chelona’s Rise will be huge spectral turtles. You will not be so easy to find like Rose Church. You will not have a real direction you can go when you hunt it. Fortunately, the first of the three turtles is near Chelona’s Rise. If you go to the cliff edge west of Chelona’s Rise, you will find the first turtle hanging on the side of the cliff. You need to use an AOE attack or a ranged attack to meet the turtle, just an attack will kill them.

After killing the first of the wise beasts, it is important not to sit in a place of grace or the fast journey. Otherwise, you must start from scratch, as all turtles respawn. Her second turtle is located in the utmost east, south of the ruins of Lunar Estate. If you go to the south side of the plateau and look down, you should see the turtle. With this you can go up normally and beat. Be careful when you come down, because if you die, you start from scratch.

The last turtle is located southeast of Ringleaders Evergaol. This flies in the sky, so you have to use a ranged weapon to do it. Depending on how close you are, you may be able to target it with magic, but the use of a ranged weapon is much easier. The turtle does not fly fast, so it is sufficient to show and shoot it.

As soon as you killed all three turtles, you can return to Chelona’s Rise to find the door open. The reward for all these efforts is a new magic named Ranni’s Dark Moon. The magic works much like Rennala’s full moon, but seems to be better in many ways. If you are a magician build, this spell is a must. If you need more help to Elden Ring, please read our other instructions.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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