Nostalgia destroyed: Nintendo

A Nintendo player wonders why her experience with Harvest Moon was so different in early 2000s than that of a friend. The answer not only shocks you, but also your TKTOK followers: The game treats his players differently than his players.

harvest moon: marriage ends the game for women

Harvest Moon was a big part of her youth for many and is even played by many today. Harvest Moon 3 for the Game Boy Color has not only prepared the playing at the beginning of the 2000s but also confused. Because the game deals with his female player differently than his male – or at least the female and male protagonists.

What happened?

In Harvest Moon 3, players could marry a NPC of their choice, as well as in all other games of the series. Curiously, however, the game ended for female protagonists with the wedding. Male main characters were allowed to continue after marriage continue to pursue their passion and take care of their farm.

Probably the idea behind it was that women after marriage should take care of the education of children, how some commentators write online. (Source: YouTube, Neekeeker Forum)

_Dass Women in gaming have to cover, unfortunately nothing new. Here are a few things that want players: _

Players are upset

Many players complain online about the circumstance. They remember exactly that how sad as young girls were that they could not continue playing.

Even streamer Bravobecca has not noticed recently that her first Harvest Moon has set up this questionable separation between man and woman. In a Toktok she tells that she has talked to a friend about her experience with the game.

She thought so to him that she finds it well that newer games of the series continue after the wedding. He insisted that it was always like that. In the end had both right to keep: He was allowed to continue playing them.

In the further course of the clip, she also mentions that male players had more perseverance available. Whether that was actually so, but can not be said.

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Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki
Sure, Harvest Moon 3 has appeared in the early 2000s, since game developers have not yet been as accurate with equal rights. But women, or in this case boys girls, just finish the game, while you can continue to play as a male character, that’s how it works a few steps too far. Fortunately, the series has evolved over time and allowed Even in some games even sexual marriages.

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