Returnal: Ascension – Sony announces free update with coop and survival

Sony has announced an update for Returnally that both those who liked the PS5 adventure too heavy as well as those who were not big enough to whom the challenge was not big enough. The best thing about the thing: Return: Ascension is completely free and appears this month (via

Returnal - Ascension State of Play March 2022 Trailer | PS5

  • Release date: 22. March 2022

These innovations are stuck in Returnal: Ascension

New multiplayer

That will be happy to have bitten the teeth on Returnal. You can now open up for two to explore the secrets of Atropos. For this you brings you through portals distributed in the game world a selene from another timeline to you.

Basically, the co-op mode works as well as the singleplayer. Both selenes can move freely in the area, only if you are too far apart from each other, you will be teleported to a place from the game. You may even revive each other, causing battles to be much easier. Really progress only makes the host, but also the guest may take some resources back into his world.

The Studio Housemarque is currently working on a new IP:

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PS5 Exclusive Return gets no sequel first


Survival mode

Ascension means as much as climb, and that’s why it’s about the brand new survival mode, which will probably demand all of you who have already completed the main game. You can enter the tower of Sisyphus at a certain point in the campaign and have to fight after 20 floors until you face the new Boss Algos.

Did you defeat Algos, the game is not over. Just like sisyphus, selene must always roll up the stone up, respectively, or fight through the tower to Algos. And every passing it becomes harder for you. In addition to new opponents and items, the background history of the protagonist should be further illuminated in the new mode.

In the trailer you can see the two new modes in action:

Es otherwise there was to see on the state of play

In addition to Returnal: Ascension has managed Sony to pack a lot of other titles in the approximately 20-minute show. For example, the Dino Shooter Exoprimal, in which you have to compete against whole hordes of the lizards in the team.

In addition, Square Enix was equally represented with a whole series of games that are likely to address fans of action, tactics and role games. An overview with all games from the state of play can be found in a separate article.

Was you rethurnal too hard, or do you already belong to the professionals and are looking forward to the survival mode?

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