Full-scale online RPG for smartphones “Sword and magic logless”

Mervellas Co., Ltd. XMAS Model Odin Probability Up Gacha, and announced that we have been updated, including the production of “Crystal-White Hilly-“.

Mervellas Co., Ltd. XMAS Model Odin Probability Up Gacha, and “Implicitation of Crystal-Crystal-White Hilly-” We have been updated.

# Blessing of the Ultra-Abbey with a limited time MB weapon! “Job XMAS Model Odin Probability Up Gacha” Sales!

“Job XMAS Model Odin Probability Up Gacha” is being sold.
In addition to the attack buff at MB weapons, Odin is adding to the attack buff for each type of weapons, the first one is the effect of the attack buff!
Since the charge time is 3 seconds, it can be used at the desired timing according to the purpose of buff effect granting, HP / EP recovery.
Don’t miss a strong and cute period limited weapon!

[Period] 2022/3/16 (Wed) 10:59

# Fight with wind attribute! “Leading of Crystal-White Hilly-” is being held!

“Leading of the crystal-White hills-” is being held.
Let’s beat the earth attribute Enemy and get it only in the event, and get a light, dark attribute orb or the material needed for strengthening, etc.
It is a chance to get “Rokkao’s bracket (armor / lower)” with wind and soil attribute!

[Period] 2022/3/15 (Tuesday) until 23:59

# Win a victory with a multistage attack! “The immortal bird queen phoenix of jail infites” is being held!

“Dangerous bird Queen Phoenix of jail flame” is being held.
When you defeat “Queen Phoenix”, you can earn “Tyrant equipment (Tue)” and a single “HP + 200 / Tue + 200” character availability.
Since the “Hero Tyrant-Access-Ticket” is available in the high-sight quest, I will challenge my self-confident hunter!

[Period] 2022/3/22 (Tuesday) until 23:59

# [Room opening] Prepare for the coming fight! Logless Wars “Spring Special Cup”!

Logless World War “Spring Special Cup” will be opened from 22:00 2022/3/16 (Wed) 22:00!
Make sure to take a pleasure to make a good start!

[Logless training site period] 2022/3/22 (Tuesday) until 23:59

# “Sword and Magic Logless Goddess” Overview

It is a sword and a magic story. Clap, a scarlet score of a wonderful or wrong footsteps.
Huge monster, sealed goddess, mask man, Summoner-.
When I get close to the cause of the unusual, the world starts roughly when I relieved all the goddesses.

“Sword and magic logless” is a full new native app based on “swords and magic logress” loved by many users as a browser game for PC.
The fun as an online RPG was optimized for operations in smartphones (iOS and Android), and pursues the hand that can be played from a few minutes by one hand.
At the App Store, he won the top sales first place and supports support for many users, which breaks up 9 million downloads in February 2018.
Choose your favorite job and join the adventure in a vast field, enjoy fashionable with avatars, enjoy chat with friends, and enjoy a wide variety of ways to play a sword and magic world Please enjoy.

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I Moved To Japan.. | Trying Something New | Logres of Swords and Sorcery: Goddess of Ancient | JP

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■ Title Sword and Magic Logless Nekisai Full-scale MMORPG ■ Compatible Platform App Store / GooglePlay / AU Game / ANDAPP ■ Copyright Notation (C) Marvelous Inc. AIMING Inc.

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