How to get your own emergency food! Achievement in Genshin Impact

Get your own emergency food! – This is the achievement of the “Wonders of the World”, which can be obtained, eat food allegedly for others in Food delivery Daily Commission.

This commission can be obtained randomly at Sarah in Monstadt. Increase your chances of receiving, changing the location of the commission to Monstadt in the book of an adventure crawler. If you miss your chance to achieve the first time, do not worry, as the daily commissions are regularly repeated in random order.

Daily food delivery commission

[Genshin Impact] Food Delivery - Mondstadt Commission

Having received a daily fees delivery commission, go to a “good hunter” in Montstadt and talk to Sarah. Select Order for delivery To initiate a request. It will give you a roast of sticky honey, seafood soup with calla and lily or roasted radish balls that need to be delivered to customers for a certain period of time (depending on the target location).

You can find a dish inside quest item Section inventory. Instead of delivery, click Use Eat it and get your own emergency food! Achievement. After that, you can talk to Sarah again to restart the Commission and complete it for ordinary daily awards.

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