Publishing time of Rocket League Season 6 – Countdown for Nomad

It is again the time of the year in which the players of the Rocket League take their controllers in their hands to fight again through the ranks of the Rocket League. This is right, Season 6 is coming to the door and next to a new competitive season you can count on a new variant of Neo Tokyo, a new car and a new temporally limited event in your hands.

But when exactly Starts Rocket League Season 6? Psyonix has confirmed that the Publishing Time of Rocket League Season 6 is on March 8 at 16:00 PST / 19:00 EST and on March 9 at midnight GMT. Then the patch will go live, so make your hard drives ready if you want a projection in the action.

Once the patch is live and ready to use, you can decide whether you can find online with your loyal car – that, as we accept, on our list of the best Rocket League cars – or with the nomad, a newcomer, compete against each other The ever-growing squad of the game.

We can not say certainly that the nomad will go directly to the top of the charts, but it’s worth it to give him a whirl, right? You get bonus points if you are equipped with the nomster wheels, stickers and target explosion.

Rocket League Season 6 Cinematic Trailer

You can find out about the coming and going in Season 6 on the official inform Psyonix website or read our guide to the Rocket League patchoties for more information.

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