Live talk at Max: as a woman in gaming

Tomorrow is March 8th and thus the feminist fighting day Aka Women’s Day. Suitable for this on our Twitch Canal the Girls & Gaming Talkrunde on the topic “As a woman in the gaming industry make career”. It is about the diverse possibilities in a wide variety of areas and many participants report on their career, give tips and answer questions. Among other things, a game designer of Ubisoft and the editor-in-chief of Gameswirtschaft.

World Women’s Day: Girls & Gaming Talkrunden Live on Max

On the occasion of tomorrow’s date, we organize a valley crowd on the TWITCH channel Max – Monsters and Explosions, which turns around women in the gaming industry. Representatives of developer studios, journalists, influencers, e-athletes, managers and many are more focused and tell their way as well as work in the video game industry.

When’s it going? at 18 o’clock tomorrow 8 March. The countdown starts at 17:50 and the whole runs with fragant rounds and the whole rest about until 21 o’clock.

Who deals with? An illustrious round of various areas gathers tomorrow. With this:

  • Marylin Marx – Community Editor at Gamestar
  • Natasha Seuser – Conceptionin at Webedia
  • Denise Ernst – Junior Talent Manager at Allyance
  • Maxi Graeff – Marketing Communications Manager Xbox at Microsoft
  • Petra Cheerful – editor-in-chief at Games
  • Rebecca “justbecci” Raschun – Content Creatorin

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* Alena “Tifa” Maurer – Esport-athlete
* Andrea Fricke – Game Designer at Ubisoft
* Annegret Monday – Research Associate at the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf
* Natasha Becker – Host & Video Producer at Gamestar

Where can I watch it? at Max – Monsters and Explosions on Twitch.

That’s why: are planned, among other things, the following topics:

  • How can the way look into the gaming industry and what exactly is that?

  • Which tips can girls and women help to grasp in the industry’s foot?
  • Which jobs are there actually in the area and what is assuming for it?

What is the 8th of March? Formerly named Women’s Day, meanwhile states feminist fighting. This is because not only women, but also non-binarian or interlayer people suffer from discrimination and unequal conditions, not only women. On March 8, it’s all about putting Flinta * to listen to them to support them and make the injustices visible as well as to do something about it.

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