Elden Ring: So you can pause your game

Elden Ring enthused us in our test, the colleagues of the trade press and the players’ share alike, but with the success also the criticism: many players want a pause knob . Because Elden Ring continues in the menu as usual and if you are in the boss fight or surrounded by opponents, you will simply be attacked.

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Especially with spontaneous obligations, an ELDEN ring session can therefore only be difficult to reconcile: if the baby screams or the postman rings, it does not care how scarce the boss fight is running straight. Well, so that there is a way, as your Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) But Pausieren .

Elden Ring Pause: A submenu makes it possible

On the PC you have been with the possibility to stop Elden Ring at any time for a week with the Mod’s Pause The Game. However, it works without any technical gapies and above all not only on the PC, but also on the consoles . Because actually a pause function has been installed in Elden Ring.

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To stop the game, you just have to go in any menu , for example your inventory, your equipment or your status. There you then open the help menu and presses “menu statement” : already freezes the game happening, opponents do not attack you anymore and you can take care of the acutary emergency in real life.

It is important to note that this works only under the item “menu statement”. If you instead “view control” or “explanation” clicks, the game will continue to run normally and you will be twitched by the close enemies. In this regard, Elden Ring is exactly as with the challenging boss fights: errors are punished immediately. Therefore, tries the menu navigation once in a group of weak opponents.

The whole thing is of course quite awkward and it is unclear whether this possibility for pauseing from software is currently or maybe soon removed by a patch. But as long as you have the chance to pause Elden Ring regularly through a few buttons, you do not need to say goodbye with screaming baby and ringing postman by your hard-fought runes .

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