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With Gran Turismo 7 appeared on 4 March an absolute top title for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The racing game series of Polyphony Digital has been one of the most important series Sonys for years and can also be very popular and good at just under 25 years Delight.

Gran Turismo: Fuelling the PlayStation Generation - Retro-Bytes

This racing madness began in 1997 with a small, inconspicuous racing game called Gran Turismo (Buy Now 99.95 €) on the PlayStation 1. At that time, GT was nothing more than the passion project of a young Kazunori Yamuchi, a Japanese motor sports enthusiast and video game developer. After a lot of persuasion towards Sony and countless sleepless nights, Gran Turismo appeared in 1997 in Japan and 1998 in Europe as well as America. Realistic racing games were thoroughly at the end of the 90s, but almost only on the PC. In particular, the Grand Prix series of Geoff Crammond or the NASCAR games of Papyrus, which would later create Iracing, were the measure of things in terms of realism. Consoles like the PlayStation were more likely to operate with Arcade racers such as Ridge Racer or Future Racers such as Jet Moto or Wipeout.

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Alone, however, Gran Turismo had a clear unique selling point as a “Real Driving Simulator” in 1997 on the Playstation. However, GT was not only a niche product for motorsport fans, but a true mass phenomenon. To date, the title with approximately 10 million copies sold is the best-selling PlayStation 1 game of all time. Thus, Gran Turismo 1 is more successful than classic such as Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot or Final Fantasy VII.

Racing game as a role-playing game

The player has to deal with the famous-notorious licensing tests. Although in the first part of the series, there is also an arcade mode, but this does not offer as much draft as the Gran Turismo mode. In just this campaign, the licensing tests take place which fans have both excited about years, as well as frustrated.

Anyone who wants to make progress in this mode must first prove his skills in Puncto in a series of driving tests. Goods and are these challenges without doubt. Some may feel at timely braking, accelerating and deflecting even to their driver’s license test. Depending on the success, challenges can be completed with a bronze, silver or golden emblem. Above all, to get the gold medals, requires a lot of time, patience and competence.

Through these tests, hobby-racer pieces get used to piece and intuitively to the control of various bolides. The controller works pretty well even after almost 25 years and offers a solid basis for a lot of driving pleasure. However, modern fans of racing may might be disturbed at the control cruise as the main entry method. GT1 has just come a little in the years.

From love for automobile

With brands like Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi or Aston Martin, the selection of cars was manifold, and the adaptation possibilities even more varied. Over 180 cars could not only be purchased, but also to be tuned down to the smallest detail. And many years before playing like Need for Speed: Underground.

The further one comes in the GT mode, the more money you earn, for example, by winning races. The more money is available, the larger upgrades for your own car you can afford. There are players completely free, which is mounted on the numerous upgrades on the car as long as they have enough money in their pocket.

So it is possible to expand a small, cheap rust bunch of the monstrous sports car. Whether this is especially realistic in each individual case is on a different sheet. Motivating it is definitely, even today! Accordingly, different cars have different properties. Some vehicles are more heavily slower in curves, others on straight track. Also on these skills you can take with tuning active influence.

Beinharter racing

But those who discover the inner ram block can conse the one or the other counterpart in between the slopes. By no means the fine kind, but damn effective.

Gran Turismo did not have a real damage model in 1997, whereby such collisions always occur and do not necessarily fit for reputable setting. Nevertheless, it is also a lot of fun about iconic courses like Deep Forrest, the Grand Valley Speedway or Trial Mountain to boards. Nothing was not visible from real racetracks like Daytona or Le Mans.

The charm of the retro racer

But what would be good racing, motivating game design and a graphic impressive graphic without an atmospheric soundtrack? Gran Turismo is a row that has always set to “Style”. Be it in the iconic menus, the cinema intros or fantastic soundtrack.

Even the first part has a very own “vibe” thanks to all these elements. This acts much adolescents and more dynamic than in later parts of the series. This may also be because the European and American soundtrack is clearly rocky than the Japanese jazz sounds.

Gran Turismo was a unique racing game at that time and paved the way for various other racing games. Competitors such as Forza Motorsport may never have given it without the pioneering work, which was done by Yamauchi and his team. In addition, the first part of the Playstation at the end of the 1990s helped to finally enforce itself as a dominant console in the market against the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64.

A comparable racing game with the concept “racing game as a role-playing game” was not simply on the mentioned other platforms simply. Nowadays, the scope and technology from the first Gran Turismo would be almost minimalist. But it remains a competent and complete package, which has surprisingly resisted the tooth of the time despite some small manko.

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