Gran Turismo 7: Using Nitro

The use of NOS in racing games usually remains in titles like Need for Speed, where illegal road races are the name of the game. However, they are not too common in driving simulation games. This system was actually implemented in Gran Turismo 7. Here we show you how to use nitro for your cars in Gran Turismo 7.

How to Use Nitro in Gran Turismo 7

You may specify in the controller configuration settings that there is a special button for using nitrous / overtake. A big deal to be considered is that in this game it does not seem too common, but it’s there. Not every car is equipped with an NOS system , initially not. When you go with your first car, pressing the Nitro button does not matter.

What you need to do is go to the parts business and increase your collector level high enough to unlock the section for extreme auto parts . This is unlocked at Level 7, which is pretty early in the game as they unlock new cars to easily increase this level.

As soon as you have unlocked this, you can do this buy and install a nitro system for your vehicle for whopping 100,000 credits . The use seems to be very niche and would probably benefit them in courses that have many straight lines.

Gran Turismo 7 how to use nitrous
This is more of a gimmick, but the option is available if you choose to use it. If anything, this system would be on courses such as the Northern Isle Speedway, the Special Stage Route X or simply on all other courses on which you do not have to worry about too strong curves, extremely advantageous. The use of NOS is also very limited, so do not expect it to be filled with how it would be the case in a traditional racing game in the arcade style.

Large Tournee 7 is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and 5 systems.

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